This Week

This week I’ve been a little lazy. Well, not lazy so much as haven’t done anything out of the ordinary. What? No crazy building project or new hobby to speak of? Shocker… I know. I can hear Trevor rejoicing in the background.

My week has been filled with regular house chores, animal brushing, and animal poop scoopin’. Thats about it. Well, I made sourdough bread with my starter yesterday. That counts for something. I’m not sure why, but this week I just didn’t feel like dehydrating food, or planting seeds, or squishing bugs, or pricing materials for a rabbit grow-out hutch. Cami and I just sat around the house doing laundry and making little crafts.

This is however, the time of year I start on Christmas gifts. I suppose I have been putting that off for a few weeks. Most years I do what I can to make handmade gifts for everyone… we’ll see if I can pull it off this year. I am also planning to put some extra stuff together for both our online Etsy shop and a holiday craft fair after Thanksgiving. The only thing is, everything easy I think of making would be a dime a dozen at a craft fair. Beanies (been there), crocheted washcloths (who doesn’t make those), aprons (oh please).

On the plus side, I already know what needs to be made for family presents: wool blanket for my mother (per request), flannel nightgowns for Cami with matching sets for her dolly, zombie attack bed set for my brother (yes, it will be as gross as it sounds), and “Christmas bears” for all the little kids in the family.

20121002-224459.jpgone of last year’s bears

The Christmas bear tradition started with my grandmother. Every year as kids, when we gathered at her house for Christmas Eve, there would be a line of stuffed teddy bears waiting by the tree for myself, my brother, and my cousins. So I have been carrying on that tradition since Cami was born and with the addition of two new babies this year, I am up to four bears to make! Luckily bears are easy to make and my mother has donated her pristine, pure, red wool jacket to be “upcycled” into bears for the kids.

Well that rant ended up being all about Christmas.

So anyhow– I am going to make a few fresh video updates on Thursday about the Rabbitry and garden. Nothing really changes with the chickens and we haven’t “winterized” the bees yet so their videos can wait. I updated our blog header and some features, but I’ve really been feeling the need for an autumn change around here so we’ll see what becomes of that.

Hope you are all having a wonderful week!

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