What To Do With Wool Scraps

Just what do you do with all those wool scraps you end up with between harvests? If you have angora rabbits, you know what I’m talking about. Those short trimmings and grooming brush clumps can be put to good use… by felting them!

It’s so easy a two-year old can do it. And she did. I’ll pass this post on over to Cami so she can give you the low down on her simple felting project.

Hi guys! I am getting a head start on Christmas gifts for my Grammas (because let’s face it… Grammas can’t get enough of our little kid projects). For this project, you can use any wool scraps, sheared or plucked, as long as they are at least one inch long. My mom got all of my supplies together: a big handful of Thistle’s wool scraps, water, dish soap, and cookie cutters.


Now take a clump of wool and shove it inside your cookie cutter. My mom made sure I tucked the wool in all the corners. Cram that puppy full, wet it down, then fill it some more.


Then add a drop or two of dish soap. Watch out because I like to use more dish soap than I really need! But that’s what my mom gets for putting me in charge of dispensing soap.



All you do next is poke it. You heard me right folks. Poke. It. You can’t really over-do this step. Keep poking it until it feels like it has matted up. If you’re careful, you can even flip it over back into your cookie cutter so that you can poke the other side.


I’m so cool I can do two at once.


When you feel that you’re done, carefully rinse the soap out and squish flat to squeeze out the excess water. Let dry and you’re finished!


Thank you Cami for your wonderful tutorial and great insight into the world of wet felting. I think I will be doing a little border embroidery to embellish these rabbit, butterfly, and star shapes. Then I’ll thread a ribbon through the top and call it good.

10 thoughts on “What To Do With Wool Scraps

  1. How cute! Thank you Cami! That is a great idea, we might do that this weekend! I could imagine my girls would love to make these for their Grammy too, but I would love to make a few mitten or stocking shaped ones to string into a garland for the fireplace! Great idea!

    • Ooh! There’s an idea. We barely scratched the surface on Thistle scrap wool so I’m hoping to make some more to decorate the tree with too. Of course I had about six “rabbit” cookie cutters and had to dig for that elusive “star” shape. Maybe I’ll scout Joann’s for a mitten or snowflake!

  2. Cami, you did a fabulous job (; Such a great idea…the perfect way to get the kids involved and making creations to give. And you’re right, Grammas never get enough when it comes to the kiddos (; Found you via the barn hop!

  3. Thanks for sharing at Repurposed Ideas Weekly. I have to find some wool scraps to try this project with my kids!

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