Paprika Peppers Are Hot!

You’re going to laugh at me… and that’s okay. I deserve it. Tuesday I decided to slice up and dry these puppies in the dehydrator.


Those red beauties came from the thriving paprika pepper plants in the garden. Well, here’s what happened:

I thought to myself, “You know Sarah, people wear gloves when slicing jalapeños and other hot peppers… Maybe you should wait and ask Trevor to bring some home before you start this.”

I’m pretty sure this is when the little devil on my shoulder chimed in with “Nah! These paprikas won’t be that hot. If anything, you’ll only feel burning for a few minutes. No biggie! You can tough it out! You have to get these peppers in the dehydrator now Sarah before they are past their prime!”

I think you know what happened. I sliced and de-seeded about a dozen peppers. Without gloves. The burning feeling didn’t hit me until after I washed my hands. Then I realized I really should have listened to my first instinct and just waited for gloves. All I can say is that it felt like my flesh was melting off. And that feeling lasted for over 48-hours.

Note to self: peppers require gloves.

12 thoughts on “Paprika Peppers Are Hot!

  1. So I didn’t know they were hot peppers. I mixed up the hungarian wax (hot) with the banana (sweet) peppers. My fingers too were tingling and painful! I looked up a couple home remedy type solutions on the internet and tried them all: Washing really well with dish soap to break down the hot pepper oil, using a part sugar/part olive oil scrub to loosen any oils, smearing yogurt on my fingers. I’m not sure which one worked, but in 45 minutes my hands felt normal again.

    I’m with you, next time I’ll wear gloves!

  2. Hah hah hah, I did that two a few years ago, except with habaneros! I KNEW they would be hot so I wore rubber doctor type gloves. Cut them open and seeded them over the garbage can. Accidentally breathed the fumes while standing over the garbage can, and about died coughing/choking. Got Hubby’s respirator (the one he uses to paint cars with) wore that the rest of the time, finally finished the peppers (blending them up with a little vinegar and canning them to save for later). Cleaned up the kitchen. Took the gloves off, and BAM, they burned for several hours (yep, even through GLOVES!!!). I was hoarse until the next morning. Soon after that I became pregnant and a month or two later went to make a smoothie (no, I don’t use my blender very frequently). Well, that nice cool refreshing frozen fruit smoothie got hotter, and hotter, and hotter, and THEN I realized the last time I’d used the blender!!! Moral of the story=I shall not grow habaneros again 😀

  3. I can’t laugh at you because I have learned this the hard way myself. One time my husband insisted the peppers would not be hot and my lip burned for hours…….I love him but I don’t trust him in regards to peppers anymore!

  4. I had to laugh when I read this because I did the same thing last month with Jalapenos. I had never processed raw peppers before and did not know about the gloves. My hands began to feel like I was being stung by beas after processing about 2 dozen peppers! Mine too lasted about three days–spent most of those clutching a frozen bag of peas to help stop the pain. Needless to say, that will never happen again—got a box of nitrile gloves! Thanks for sharing your story! Blessings

  5. I had this problem too but with different peppers. I tried everything, lemon juice, Dawn dish liquid, creams, etc. It burned and burned. Yes, next time gloves!

  6. I was cleaning jalepeno peppers this summer, also decided to do with out gloves. My hand felt like a burn I got from touching a hot pan, I thought of aloe vera. I keep a plant in the kitchen window. I smothered my hands in it. Really coated my hands in it, to the point they were slime. It worked.

    • Oh man! If I had aloe vera in the house, I would have definitely tried it… I even tried soaking my hands in milk because I had heard that worked for spicy foods (didn’t work). If I’m ever silly enough to burn my hands with peppers again, I’ll definitely try out your tip. Thanks!

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