Last of the Honey for 2012



A few days ago we harvested the last of the honey for the year. It was a disappointing moment for sure, but the bees need the remaining frames to get through winter here. In our area we get anywhere from one to three feet of snow since we are right on the snow line. And we’re not talking about a day or a week of snow… it can be up to three months of snow! One year we even got snowed in to the point where we were snowboarding down our steep driveway and into our field below.

But I digress. Because of our cold winters, the bees need as much honey stored as they can get. Wintertime is all about survival and keeping warm. We only removed four total frames this year for honey and left the rest to the bees. Still, taking two frames this past weekend gave us six pounds of honey! And the frames weren’t completely filled either! Crazy. We immediately put the fresh honey to good use by making sugar-free apple turnovers also utilizing the apples we just picked Saturday. Thanks to the honey, the turnovers tasted sweet and you couldn’t even tell that there was no sugar involved. Yum!


5 thoughts on “Last of the Honey for 2012

  1. That honey looks amazing! My grandfather was a bee charmer and I can’t wait to start our own honey making abode (; Our homesteading plans have been put on hold for a short time, so right now we’re getting it locally. Even though it was only 2 frames, 6 pounds of honey is great! Make it last (;

    • *sigh* I was hoping we would have enough to get through to next years harvest, but we were a long way from that. I suppose we can stretch it out if we don’t use it as a replacement for sugar and more of a topping. Happy to have it though!

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