Did You Notice?

Did you notice that I updated our “Cast of Characters” pictures in the right sidebar? Well I did. Just so you know, such things are tedious, but I do them because they make me feel accomplished. As if sitting at a computer updating rabbit names and thumbnails is really doing something.

In other news, I am working on two guest posts for The Prairie Homestead blog for the month of October. One will be all about raising backyard angora rabbits (because we really do specialize in the wooly creatures here) and the second post is still undecided. Any ideas? I will of course post a blurb and a link to my guest posts over at The Prairie Homestead as soon as they are up.


In other other news, I bred Dandelion to Obsidian today. I know… I jumped the gun by about a week, but I really couldn’t help myself. One, I have quite a few people on my waiting list for rabbits and two, I really really want to see what colors pop up from this pairing. Exciting stuff! Dandelion should be due to kindle –or give birth– in about 31 days. I set the countdown for her litter at the bottom of the page so you can keep track with us. Just remember that Dandelion isn’t a sure thing. Last spring it took her three tries to finally produce some babies! Keep your fingers crossed.

The last of our fall crops were sewn this morning. Garlic, radishes, leeks, beets, spinach, and more cabbage should be popping up just before our first hard frost next month. Again, keep your fingers crossed.


2 thoughts on “Did You Notice?

  1. Love the new sidebar, and I love your new picture on top even better! SO adorable 😀 Can’t wait to see your Dandelion’s new kits, and wish TN wasn’t so far from CA, I’ve been looking for a couple more fluffy butts to join my two fruffy boys over here. Never enough soft fluff I’m afraid…. (my REW Dandelion would probably be offended if he knew it could be a girls name too though…I better not tell him!)

    • Thanks! The header is actually my Dandelion’s litter from spring. Hopefully she will have even prettier kits this year! No REWs this time though… just: blacks, blues, chestnut agouti, fawn, cream, and opal.
      And I won’t breathe a word about Dandelion being a girl name too. It’s pretty common as far as rabbit names go. 😉

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