Today Apples, Tomorrow the WORLD!

Well, not the world. But tomorrow I will be using our homegrown apples to make apple turnovers. Hopefully enough apple turnovers to freeze and reheat whenever we get the craving for autumn.

Picking apples is no easy feat around here. It involves climbing on the roof, navigating around worms and bird pokes, trimming branches, and lowering the good apples down. Luckily, Trevor doesn’t mind walking around up there because there’s no way I would do it. The trimmed branches were thrown down and we chopped them up into small sticks to fuel the cob oven and to give to the rabbits to chew on. It was actually a real nice way to spend the morning.







5 thoughts on “Today Apples, Tomorrow the WORLD!

  1. There’s an eating establishment here that specializes in steaks. Steaks cooked with orange wood. They even came to my uncle’s grove to gather the branches after pruning his trees. I wonder if those apple branches would be good for that also? I know that the orange wood gives those steaks the best flavor.

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