Aren’t We Cute?

Last night we decided that we needed a real family photo instead of myself always being behind the camera. Would you believe that Cami is already 2 1/2 and this is the first photo of the three of us? Sad, I know.

Our main kick in the butt inspiration for actually getting this done was Farm Made contacted us asking if we would be interested in being featured as “Urban Farm of the Week”. Um… yes… duh! I will let you know when our interview is on their website and Facebook. Just be sure to hit the “Like” button a whole bunch when you see us!

8 thoughts on “Aren’t We Cute?

  1. Love it …BUT, can’t believe there aren’t any photos of the 3 of you until now(as a group anyway lol) But when I think of it there are NO picture of my sons their father and me.But then he and I have be divorced for 34 year+…I love the picture it captures what you love.

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