Sourdough From Scratch :: update

Find the full “Sourdough From Scratch” series here and make your very own sourdough yeast starter!

Last night I pulled my sourdough starter out of the refrigerator to feed. I had it sitting on the top shelf of my refrigerator for a little over two weeks with a cap lightly sitting on it, not quite screwed on so that gasses could still escape. Just so you know, I never smelled it sitting in there during that two weeks.

When I sat the jar of starter on my counter last night to feed it, I first poured off the dark liquid. Next I added one cup of flour and one cup of cold water and then left it out overnight to breathe with a layer of cheesecloth on top. Just like when I was making the starter in the first place. This morning when I checked on the starter, it was bubbly looking and had expanded in the jar by about 25 percent. Good sign! That means my starter is still alive. Isn’t it a little creepy to think of some flour and water in a jar as living? It’s okay if you nod.


Then I poured some of my sourdough starter into a small jar –to give to my friend Traci when I visit this afternoon– and the rest went into a fresh, clean jar to await being baked into something yummy. Sourdough pancakes? Biscuits? We’ll see.

Can you believe I have another giant gallon-sized glass jar? Actually I have three. Leftovers from my past life as a tea house owner. I got them from a company called U-Line if you’re curious. And if you ever want to talk tea… I’m your girl.

4 thoughts on “Sourdough From Scratch :: update

  1. Thanks for the starter, Sarah! My starter is now bubbly and has a faint yeasty smell, but has not expanded noticeably. I’m going to feed it tonight and hope for growth by morning 😉 It was great to see all of you and we’re looking forward to visiting again sometime soon.

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