Name That Rabbit! :: round two

Who’s up for another round of “Name That Rabbit”? I knew you would say yes. This is one of our newest rabbits from today’s trade. She is a three-month old ruby-eyed white doe (female… obviously) with silly, perky ears. We have a few names to choose from, but if you have a better one feel free to add it.

Choose from these three names and cast your vote in the “comments” section of this post! Please vote for other family members or friends as well.

1. Philadelphia (Philly) –think cream cheese
2. Mochi –Japanese ice cream snack
3. Fern –plant

16 thoughts on “Name That Rabbit! :: round two

  1. Okay, as much as I like the idea of sticking with the flora names you had going with the rest of the breeders ( besides Obsidian), I think she looks like a Philly. My girls think you should name her String Cheese…I guess it was the cheese part?

  2. This is going to make me sound like nerd, but bear with me. I participate in a great rabbit forum online at . If you have rabbits or want rabbits, check it out because it is the best thing out there for questions, concerns, or even sharing (when your family has had enough rabbit talk from you).

    These are votes from other members:
    MSD for “Fern”
    ZRabbits for “Philadelphia”
    SkysTheLimit for “Fern”

  3. I like Marjorie’s suggestion of Crystalline. Or Crystal would also be nice. By the way, Sarah, I am really loving the bunny we adopted from you. He is just wonderful, full of personality and very handsome. Thank you!

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