This Week in a Picture


I was fairly sure that this week was going by fast until Friday came. Friday I decided we were going to switch bedrooms with Cami and ended up moving a lot more furniture than I should have while Trevor was at work. Combined with today’s heavy weeding and de-celery-ing of the garden, I am pretty tired and very sore.

Note to self: celery is more invasive than that horrible Bermuda grass.

But in the end, everyone has nice, clean, newly organized rooms and the garden looks a hell of a lot better. We even harvested a few of the turnips we planted last month! My, they look yummy. Since our potato harvest was gobbled up by evil bugs, turnips are our substitution this year for those common tubers.

This coming week is not any less full of activities though. Tomorrow is my birthday, Tuesday is reserved for the last plantings of fall crops, followed by teaching ceramics on Wednesday, getting the truck fixed up on Thursday, driving seven-hours round trip to trade rabbits on Saturday, and regular animal habitat cleaning on Sunday. It never really ends, but that’s okay because there are all those little moments in between chores that remind us of why we are on this journey in the first place.

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