Finally! The rest will be harvested next weekend, hopefully, when the rest of the frames are capped. Phew! Bottling takes longer than spinning… And now we really know why people buy electric extractors…





12 thoughts on “Honey!

    • It was really shaky once we put the frames in to spin! We didn’t buy the stand for it and now we’re wondering if the base could even hold it without being bolted down. You can tell its a cheap extractor, but it gets the job done for a harvest once a year.

  1. Which extractor is it? I just bought my father in law the economy imported steal from dadant I hope it’s good. He only has one hive. But I’m worried this buy wasn’t smart of me.

    • That is exactly which one this is. We were afraid it would be too “cheap” in quality, but it is perfect if you have just a few hives. We just couldn’t see spending $400+ on an extractor for two hives. And at $200-250, this one isn’t really inexpensive either. The only problem we found is that the clear plastic lid that goes on top while spinning, is ill fitted and kept dropping into the extractor on one side. So we just used some tape to hold it on. If they had just made a lip on it the lid would be perfect. Otherwise it is easy to clean, assemble, spin, and all the important stuff works great.

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