Dehydrating Apples and Tomatoes

Today I took a half-bucket of the smallest apples on the pippin tree (that’s my best guess as to the type of apples they are) and sliced them up for dehydrating.


I have these really cute little Japanese vegetable cutters so I just had to use the Sakura blossom shape to cut the tiny cores out of the apple slices. Adds a notice touch don’t you think?




All of our tomatoes are starting to ripen up so I filled up the empty space in our “new” electric dehydrator. My aunt Janis had two dehydrators sitting in her closet so she traded me this one for a carton of eggs and a bucket of primo rabbit manure for her garden. Quite a deal I say! Once our paprika peppers get red, those will hop in the dehydrator too! Can’t wait to see how these apples and tomatoes turn out…



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