Sourdough From Scratch :: day five

Find the full “Sourdough From Scratch” series here and make your very own sourdough yeast starter!

Day five. Two more days to go.

Have you been sniffing your starter? I have. It smells like sourdough bread but stronger. Much stronger! But it still smells eerily good. It’s like smelling future loaves of warm fresh baked bread. Today my sourdough starter looked a lot like it did yesterday. About 3/4 of an inch of yellow liquid (I have a gallon-sized jar, if yours is smaller it may appear that you have more) with a few bubbles on top. When I pour off the liquid it seems fairly thick.



Today just pour off your extra liquid carefully, add one cup of flour, and one cup of water. I try and work on my starter at the same time every day. I don’t know if it makes a huge difference and it’s not like I time it to the second, but it probably helps to give it a good 24-hours.

Let me know how your starters are going and what day you are on.

It’s the first of the month… rabbit rabbit white rabbit! (I’m a little superstitious)

6 thoughts on “Sourdough From Scratch :: day five

  1. You say rabbit rabbit rabbit too! I thought my family were the only ones! I always forget to say it first thing when I get up, so I figure saying it rather than saying Happy New Year on January first covers me for the whole year.

  2. Day two – nothing too exciting to report. Little bit of yellowy-brown liquid, some bubbles, and it still just smells like flour. My friend said that if you have trouble getting it started this way, if you happen to have a musty grape (white fuzz growing on it) or plum that you can drop that in because that is yeast growing on it. Guess that’s why some grapes are left on the vine a while before harvesting 🙂

  3. Mine is the same as yours, so I think we are both on the right track. Smells like very yeasty sourdough and is basically a kind of liquidy pancake batter consistency. And my water looks the same too. I think we may have some good bread coming! I can’t wait!

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