Sourdough From Scratch :: day three

Find the full “Sourdough From Scratch” series here and make your very own sourdough yeast starter!

This morning my starter was looking a little creepy.


See all of that dark liquid sitting on top? That is what we are pouring off everyday. Here is what one of our readers, Melissa’s starter looked like today. If you have been following along no matter what day you’re on, post a picture to our Facebook group, Buckwheat Society, or email me a picture and I will feature it here.

Melissa’s starter on day 3

Let’s get to work for day three! Pour off your extra liquid. I used some extra cheesecloth doubled up against the top of my jar and then tilted the jar to pour the liquid out without dumping all of my main mixture out. It worked pretty well so if you’re at a loss for how to pour off just the liquid, try keeping some spare cheesecloth taut against the top.

Once your extra liquid is poured out, add one cup of flour and one cup of water. Mix the new flour in until it is well moistened. Replace your single layer cheesecloth and rubberband on top.



If your jar is getting too small, feel free to use a large glass or ceramic mixing bowl to finish out the week. Once you start using your starter to bake bread you will only be adding a quarter-cup of flour and water every few days. So you won’t always need a container this large. Remember too not to use metal or plastic in either storing your starter or baking your sourdough bread. Sourdough is acidic and will react with metal and plastic. With that in mind, start looking for a ceramic or glass baking dish to bake your sourdough bread in at the end of the week!

See you tomorrow for day four!

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