Evil Cucumber Beetles


The cucumber beetles have claimed yet another of my pie pumpkins. Errg! This will be number four and the smaller pumpkin next to it isn’t looking any better. I’m not sure exactly what is happening to them, but the cucumber beetles hide inside the dried bloom and somehow make it turn into a shriveled mushy mass.

Beetles, I would like to enjoy a couple of my own pumpkins.

Unfortunately I didn’t realize until it was too late that the fence I planted all my pumpkins against was the only fence that harbored an army of cucumber beetles and droves and droves of squash bugs (Trevor would correct me and say “Bordered Plant Beetle”). I have been fighting them with oil, soapy water, smashing shoes… since day one. The tomatoes planted next to the pumpkins are doing wonderfully though. So my crop rotation next year will take my pumpkins to the exact opposite side of the garden.

Curse you beetles! **insert shaking fist here**

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