Wool Harvest :: Summer 2012

A small harvest for summer is in! It’s not really that small of an amount, but it is moderately less than spring. Our hot summer months slow down wool growth a little in both length and density. But that is a-ok because these rabbits are on track for four wool harvests this year. Even after a late spring shearing! Good job bunnies!


Rabbit_______Gross Weight___Prime Wool___Second (sheared)
Thistle________1.4 ounces______0.0 ounces____1.4 ounces
Dandelion_____1.6 ounces______1.2 ounces____0.4 ounces
Clementine____1.4 ounces______1.2 ounces____0.2 ounces
Total_________4.4 ounces_____2.4 ounces____2.0 ounces

6 thoughts on “Wool Harvest :: Summer 2012

  1. Yippee bunnies! I have noticed that Juliet is a bit like Thistle in her fur, I think. It mats a lot more than Gnomeos does and it is a little more coarse. Still quite soft, but not the same as Gnomeo. I have been able to get quite a bit off in just regular grooming, so I am hoping that I won’t have to shear her.

    • You know, since I still have littermates to your two rabbits, I have been able to assess them in conjunction to what you have seen in your rabbits.

      My Seven of Nine, littermate to your Gnomeo, is also shy but sweet at the same time. He never puts up much of a fuss. He is going through a mini-molt right now by releasing some of his wool, but not all of it just yet. That’s normal for a “junior” angora rabbit.

      My Blackberry, littermate to your Juliet, is very outgoing and demanding, DEMANDING of attention. She reminds us of our past pet cat Indie (also a tortoiseshell) because she is always coming up to the door and licking your hand every chance she gets. That’s why Blackberry has her own fan club 😉

      My point in this extremely long winded comment is not to worry too much about how well Juliet’s coat is releasing until she is at least 5 months old because she is 5 weeks behind Gnomeo. Blackberry’s coat hasn’t budged, but it looks like that litter got Dandelion’s beautiful wool.

  2. How funny that they have similar personalities too! So strange! I wonder how their kits will behave? And yes, Gnomeo has been releasing a good bit of wool too. Juliet feels like she is right on the verge of dropping a good deal too.

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