Sourdough From Scratch :: prep time

Find the full “Sourdough From Scratch” series here and make your very own sourdough yeast starter!

Yesterday I made a crazy batch of cinnamon rolls from scratch. Normally cinnamon rolls aren’t classified as “crazy”, but this recipe said it made twelve. Easy peesy. Wrong! Twelve dinner plate sized cinnamon rolls maybe… I should have been a bit more suspicious when the recipe called for six tablespoons of yeast. That’s a big ‘T’ not a little ‘t’ folks.

In any case, when I used up the rest of my jar of yeast it left me thinking, “What if I want to bake bread?” What did people back in the day do with out dry yeast Sarah? They grew their own. Wouldn’t it be nice to always have a good bread starter waiting for you? That’s what I’m lookin’ for.

Why sourdough? Well, it doesn’t require anything fancier than flour and water. No baking powder. No pre-packaged yeast. It uses the wild yeast and bacteria from the air around you. Each time you make bread, you save a little of the starter for the next time. Sourdough was even used in pioneer days. Simply amazing!

Let’s make a sourdough starter together! Starting tuesday, I will lead you through a week-long science experiment kitchen experiment in making a wild yeast starter and finish off by using our new sourdough starter to bake a loaf of bread. Sound fun? Gather your materials and we will get started tuesday!

For the first day you will need:
1 half-gallon to gallon sized jar or glass bowl (Not metal, it reacts with the yeast. Glass or ceramic only)
2 cups flour
2 cups cold water
Long spoon for stirring
Cheesecloth that fits well over your jar or bowl

6 thoughts on “Sourdough From Scratch :: prep time

  1. I’m in! I’ve been meaning to make some starter as I let some from a friend ‘die’ in the fridge 😦 Not only is sourdough a cheap and easy way to make bread, but much healthier too! The souring process helps break down phytic acid in the flour which makes more minerals available (vs. robbing your body of them) and makes it more digestible 🙂

    • God knows I need to eat things that are more digestible! After so many doctors fiddling with my guts, I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to eat “cleaner” food. Less processed foods and more homegrown foods. Grocery store meat has brought me to this cruel realization, but I’ll be healthier for it.

      • Oh my goodness, me too! I just came to the “duh” realization that I needed to stop with the processed foods and eat less meat. I have been having all kinds of random problems and like you, went to the doc a bunch. Lots of guesses and meds for symptoms, but I noticed that when I ate really “clean” all day, I didn’t have any problems. Duh. So that is my new goal – clean eating!

      • That’s my new goal too! I had an emergency gallbladder removal a few years ago and never really recovered. Now I’m quite limited in what I can and cannot eat. Absolutely no fried foods, limited oils, no peanuts, only raw dairy, no pork, limited beef, and very limited “packaged” foods.
        It’s going to be so much easier to just switch over to eating only clean, home-raised meats and home garden produce.

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