Blackberry’s Fan Club

Well… not really. Unless you can call one little girl a fan club. This one little girl has also decided that she no longer wants the blue princess costume for Halloween that I have been slaving away on. Now she wants to be “Blackberry rabbit princess”. Feel free to roll your eyes now. Silly girls and their rabbits! Although, I suppose I’m one of them.


This rendition of Blackberry features a gigantic nose and one ear. Or so I’m told. I swear the real Blackberry is appropriately proportioned and does in fact have two ears.

5 thoughts on “Blackberry’s Fan Club

  1. I am surprised your daughter even has something like a tail and ears on her picture. My daughter is 3 1/2, and she doesn’t draw anything that well. Her stuff is all just scribbles. Well, she writes W.

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