Grass Is Always Greener…

Isn’t it funny how we are always dreaming of summer during winter? Thoughts of hot, ripe tomatoes fill our brains and we have a long list of things that would be so fun to do in the summer sun. Then, once summer is upon us, we start longing for cool winter days where jackets are king.

I think that’s where I’m at right now. Not dreaming of winter per se, but autumn. It is kind of a pitty really because the summer garden is in full production right now with tomatoes, cabbages, and onions ripening around every corner. Still, I am thinking of autumn and early winter. Autumn has always been my favorite season. Not just because of my birthday (it’s coming up Trevor), but because it is filled with the smell of wood stoves, freshly cut wood, and pumpkins.

Pumpkins seem to be the ultimate symbol of autumn. And why not? They conjure up memories of holidays past. Spices like cinnamon and clove remind me of the previous fall and the sweet smell of dry leaves in crisp air. It would be alright with me if it were autumn forever.

What are you looking forward to as the year comes to a close?

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