Poulet Derriere

The time comes in every young chicken’s life when old feathers are shed and new feathers replace them. No one ever claimed molting was pretty. All eight of our hens are over a year old now and this seems to be the prime time to molt. Chickens tend to molt once a year. The ugliest sign of the end of summer if I ever saw one.

A few of the hens needed to be “rejuvenated” in an Epsom salt bath. Why? Epsom salts seem to be a cure all for chickens. Agatha, the whitest of our two Silver-laced Wyandottes, has begun to get what we lovingly refer to as “poopy butt”. It’s hard to tell if everything is getting stuck in her rear feathers because she is molting or if there is an underlying problem. So into the Epsom salts she went followed by two of her coop-mates.



As you can see, Agatha is in the worst of it now, but cleaned up. She isn’t red or irritated so I will be checking on her and hoping her rear end starts looking better in the weeks to come. I’m sure the last thing you want to read about today is chicken butts, but I don’t mind letting you in on the ugly side of animal husbandry on our little quarter-acre. Ugly side indeed.

10 thoughts on “Poulet Derriere

  1. Keeping’ it real! It’s nice to know what to expect, you know? Not a lot of people think of checking for “poopy butt” when they think of their future dream farm. They picture strolling out through the overflowing garden, amongst perfect little chickens (who never molt or get old, stop laying and go into the freezer) to gather perfect little eggs to make perfect little omelets. At least that’s how it goes in my head. Did I mention that when I get my dream farm I will look like Heidi Klum and have the homemaking skills of Ma Ingalls? These of course will come with the land. At least you keep it real. 😉

  2. I deal with poopy-butt with lily (my yorkie doodle) from time to time. And if you have ever changed a diaper so have you,Right, Sarah??

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