October. Oakland. Be There.

Rabbit Butchering and Tanning Demonstration
Saturday October 20, 12-4pm
Instructor: K.Ruby Blume
Location: North Oakland
Cost: $40-65
Following a tour of the rabbitry and a brief discussion on the benefits of rabbits as urban livestock we will demonstrate humane slaughter and dressing. Also included will be ideas for preparation of both rabbit meat and organ meats. Then the instructor will take you through a step by step demonstration of the tanning process. Some hands-on will be possible. It is highly recommended to take Raising Rabbits as a compliment to this class.


I am already looking forward to this one. Granted, it is in Oakland. Growing up in the Bay Area I know Oakland all to well, but I think I can get past that for the sake of sustainability. I think if I can get through this butchering and tanning workshop I can start dreaming of home-raised, organic meat in the freezer and tanned furs becoming coats and mocs for the little one. Now I just have to make it through actually butchering a rabbit… and out of Oakland. Ha! But seriously, this should be an adventure.

Melissa from Cold Hands Farm is already planning to meet up with me there. I almost didn’t want to go. But once Melissa emailed me saying she was planning to attend, I marked it on my calendar.

Oakland… Here I come!

5 thoughts on “October. Oakland. Be There.

  1. Heck yeah! I can’t wait….well, I can, I’m not too excited about Oakland. But if we bring our bullet proof vests and wear every color in the rainbow somas not thought to associate with one gang or another, we should be okay.

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