Drying Bulb Onions

If you are growing bulb onions, you would know that this is about the time to harvest. Over half of our bulb onions were ready to be plucked from the ground this morning so we pulled them out and prepared them for drying.

The “tell” of a ripe onion is when its leaves fall over and begin to brown. I gave ours a week between falling over and actual harvesting that way I was sure they were done. You want to make sure they don’t get too much water after this has happened for fear of rot.


Don’t bother cleaning them up because you may soak or ruin developing skins. The onions won’t store well if they are not dried well. Now our onions are air drying atop egg cartons in the heat, but not in the direct sunlight. We want to dry these puppies… not cook them. Considering it has been, and will be, in the 100 degree range in temperature for awhile, it shouldn’t take more than a few days to properly develop skins for storage.


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