What’s Green Will Turn Red

Well… except for the Oregon snow peas and honeydews.

Our paprika peppers popped up all over the place seemingly overnight. It’s one of those sudden things probably because when they are green, they are very difficult to see among the leaves.


There are also about a half dozen Amish Pie pumpkins and even more flowers just finishing up. Keeping the squash bugs and cucumber beetles off the pumpkins has been difficult. The cucumber beetles hide inside the flowers and the squash bugs like to gnaw away at the stems. Hand picking is the most effective way to get rid of them.


Honeydew! I am the only one who likes them, but I’m excited anyhow.


Oregon snow peas are coming up everywhere. We trellised the bejesus out of the pea section hoping that they will have enough to properly support them when the time comes.



How is your garden growing?

2 thoughts on “What’s Green Will Turn Red

  1. Why is it that we get so excited at the show of “new food” or flowers or whatever. Or at least I do. The first new glimmer of a sprout and I am in love with my garden AGAIN!!! LOL

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