Want to Start Beekeeping?

We made a quick video for those of you who have been asking, “What do I need to become a beekeeper”. We may not be experts, but here are a few things to consider before taking the plunge.

If you start collecting learning resources and beekeeping tools this autumn, you will be ready for your new bees in the spring! Also consider joining a local beekeeping club to pick the minds of more experienced beekeepers.

Beekeeping Suppliers:

Better Bee Inc
Brushy Mountain Bee Supply
Mann Lake Ltd
Miller Bee Supply

Beekeeping Books That Helped Us:

Grit’s Guide to Backyard Bees and Honey by Mother Earth News’ sister publication, Grit
Keeping Bees by Ashley English
Keeping Bees by Paul Peacock
Beekeeping for Dummies by Howland Blackiston in the “for Dummies” series

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