Fall Planting :: 2012 getting started

Today was a reset day in the garden. The cilantro and green beans were pulled out and their spots were re-fertilized and re-planted with new crops. The cilantro had bolted and seeded as coriander. The stalks were clipped at the base and tied up to dry. All of the leftover stalks had dried solid and were pulled from the soil, thrown into a bucket destined for the burn pile. In our experience, thick stalks and stems do not decompose fast enough in the compost pile.


Early August is the time in our area to start planting Fall crops. We have to act fast to get seeds in the ground and most Fall crops grown and harvested before our first hard frost in October. It’s not easy, but we manage. This year we are lucky enough to have more gardening room than we ever had before, so we take advantage by planting as much as we can possibly eat, freeze, can, and dry.


With a quick stamp in each square…


…we plant some turnips, snow peas, carrots, and beets. Next we will use the tall metal fencing stakes from the potato towers and some jute to make a long trellis for the freshly planted snow pea plot.



2 thoughts on “Fall Planting :: 2012 getting started

  1. You’ve probably explained it earlier, but I’m new here. What is this ‘stamping’ thing? Thanks for reminding me that I need to get fall stuff in the ground. It is so hard to get new things in when the others are going off!

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