Potato Towers :: harvest

This is almost the most pitiful aspect of our Spring/Summer garden. Almost. The most pitiful was our quinoa harvest… which was zero. We didn’t get so much as a sprout. It was so sad it didn’t really deserve a post. So if you’re reading this, you have now learned that it is virtually pointless to sew quinoa seeds in the sandy soil of the California mountains.

As for the potatoes, I think we may try the towers once more next year but in a different location. The fenced in area we had them in this year had the perfect amount of sun and they grew beautifully. However, the area also had an over abundance of hungry bugs that eyeballed our potato plants long enough to give us hope before attacking.


Hope does not always spring eternal. This was our harvest from two potato towers. Trevor dug out our spuds and found the culprits among our survivors… pill bugs (or sow bugs) and crickets. So we were left with these few “nickel spuds”. I would have given you a comparison, but it harly seemed worth it.

Next spring we will try, try again in a new location. Our only concern is finding a spot for them to grow where the deer won’t eat them. We have deer like locusts here!

2 thoughts on “Potato Towers :: harvest

  1. First advise fence…my potatoes didn’t do as well as last time either but…just make sure you have a lot of compost. I have a friend that actually grows potatoes in the compost pile.I just didn’t mulch mine enough this year. But I grew Beautiful cabbages this year for the first time!!!The earwigs or bugs usually get to them before I do!

    • I think that’s what happened to ours. The potato towers were filled with compost before planting the potato starts/seeds in our fenced in area. They grew beautifully until one morning I came out to check on them and they were devoured by bugs all the way down to the veins of the leaves. I’m not sure what type of bug got to them, but it was most likely crickets, grasshoppers, or earwigs. Those are what we have the most of.

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