Peak of the Spring/Summer Garden


The garden seems to be at its peak with bolted cilantro, fat carrots, cabbage heads, and tomatoes around every corner. Yesterday, while working in the garden, Trevor informs me that we have eighteen tomato plants. “Eighteen?! There’s no way we eighteen… I only planted four!” We walked around the garden together pointing with our dirty fingers only to find we had twenty tomato plants! TWENTY! Geez, you would never guess we could fit so much into a small 13′ x 22′ foot garden.




Look close and you can see little Brussels sprouts forming in the creases of the leaves. Freshly cut and drying cilantro will give me coriander (seeds) to use as a spice as well as seeds to plant in the spring!




2 thoughts on “Peak of the Spring/Summer Garden

  1. Oh my! I can’t imagine all the tomatoes you must be getting off of ALL those plants!!!! I am getting excited to plant my fall garden – but I can’t decide what to put in it! What will you be growing?

    • A couple weeks ago I planted: butternut squash (winter squash), cabbage, brussels sprouts, and broccoli (since I had a few open squares after my eggplant fail). And this week I’m starting my fall garden which will be: cabbage, broccoli, radishes, turnips, carrots, late season bulb onions, and beets. In a few weeks it will be cool enough to squeeze in lettuces and spinach.

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