Blackberry Is So Big!

Our little Blackberry has grown so much in just the past month. Just look at her 4-week old picture in the sidebar and then look at her here. She is 11-weeks old now and her wool is absolutely beautiful! I hope everyone with rabbits from the same litter are seeing promising coats too. Just remember this first junior coat is cottony and their second or senior coat (after 8 months old) will be almost silky. So much to look forward to with these little rabbits!




6 thoughts on “Blackberry Is So Big!

    • You should weigh her and see where she’s at. I’ll weigh Blackberry and we can compare since they are litter mates. I (somehow) still have two of Gnomeo’s litter mates, including Seven of Nine, and he is a big fluffy guy too! Clementine, their mama, is a big girl though. She is neck in neck weight wise with Thistle while Dandelion is much smaller by a pound or so.

  1. Awwwww…. I’ve been wanting to see more pictures to see how she’d grown, SO CUTE!!!!! I bet her hair will look absolutely ravishing spun up! Have you spun any rabbit hair yet? I just finished spinning my first skien off of our fluff butts, so much fun ;D

    • Her wool is a pretty soft grey with a hint of that tortoiseshell brown in it. I’ve spun some angora already, but not a full skein yet. I’m working on it. As always, I’ll be sure to share once I get far enough into the process. I’m still learning to spin too… it’s not as easy as it looks.

  2. Oh that’s a good idea! I’ll weigh her. I’ll need to get a better scale, like a digital one. I need one for the wool anyway. I would be interested to see how much she weighs vs. Gnomeo.

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