The Farm Truck


We finally found a farm truck! It’s an ’89 Ford F250… in white… obviously. All it really needs is some spark plugs and maybe a new battery. Poor Trevor (and my dad) had to drive 4-hours round trip to buy it in Stockton, but it seems to have been worth it. And it will easily haul hay bales and big feed bags. It’s no cute 60’s step-side, but I’ll live.

3 thoughts on “The Farm Truck

    • Oh my gawrsh! Don’t tempt me! It’s funny actually because my younger brother trades and buys cars constantly (never has the same car for more than 6 months) and whenever a new car is acquired, he orders decals and stripes and whatnot for it. So I told him that I had to follow his lead and order decals for my new truck. On Etsy, I ordered a bee, a chicken, and a rabbit decal to put in my back window. I’ll post pictures. I may just have to go that extra mile and put my logo on the side door! *wink*

  1. That is AWESOME! I love it! I totally think that if it’s going to be a Farm Truck, it should advertise for you! You never know! You might be in a parking lot somewhere and when someone sees it, they’ll come over and ask you about it and maybe buy some honey or even a rabbit!

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