Still To Do

Would you believe that I actually had to go through our archives on this website in order to find my “To Do” list from last month? Good thing I had this online copy because I surely would have lost a paper copy. I deleted the to do’s that I’ve already done and have even added some more.

New To Do:
* Finish up new items to put in the Little Farm Shop.
* Redo the jute strings that mark off the garden beds. I am removing the 1′ foot wide walking aisles for more growing area (and since they are not necessary) and leaving just the 2′ foot wide walking rows.
* Receive fall seeds in the mail and plant them.
* Sew some old-fashioned topsy turvy dolls for both of my cousin’s baby showers.
* Sew some farm-ish topsy turvy dolls for the Etsy shop.
* Attempt to find enough scrap wood from previous projects to build a solar dehydrator. You read that right… I have the plans to build one and it’s going to be our next project before we lose all our heat and sun.
* Find/buy a few materials to build a “cold storage box”. This storage box will act like a root cellar without me Trevor having to dig a big hole in the side of the hill.

Still To Do:
* Buy a 10×10′ foot greenhouse for extra fall planting (it would almost cost me more to build one).
* Buy more canning jars ASAP!
* Get a permit for and cut two-cords of wood this summer in time to dry for wintertime use. (see truck “to do” below)
* Propagate French lavender and rosemary plants.
* Train a dependable family member to care for the animals for a day or two so we can go camping.
* Buy “farm truck” that runs, is capable of hauling a bale of hay, that I can fit a car seat into, and is relatively attractive for under $1500.

3 thoughts on “Still To Do

  1. It’s always something, right? My list grows faster than I can cross things off! I really want to finish the quilts for my girls before the winter. I have Maddie’s quilt top done and the supplies for Charli’s quilt, but something always pops up and doesn’t leave me with a big enough chunk of time to pull out the sewing machine and drag out the quilt top and start working! But I really want to get it done! So that one has been on my list for a long time.

    • I know the feeling! I’ve been “working” on a sign language quilt for Cami for almost two years now. I thought some embroidery signs would be neat, but it slowed down my progress… obviously. Maybe we can inspire each other to keep on truckin’. We need to get these projects done by Christmas!

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