Put ’em Up!

Yesterday I spent about two hours putting up these beauties…


Two hours might sound like a long time, but we’re talking from ground to processed canning jar. Not too bad for a novice canner I’d say. I have canned food before, but not a whole lot. Last year I “put up” (don’t I sound like a pro with that canning lingo?) a liter of pickled beets and two liters of tomatoes. Needless to say, I’m not terribly experienced when it comes to canning, but I have made a basic pickling brine before so that helps.

I used one of my new books, Put ’em Up! by Sherri Brooks Vinton for recipes. I used two simple ones this time, Dilly Beans and Dilled Carrots, but there are over a hundred fun and interesting ones in there. This is officially my new canning book. It goes through the basics of canning, using the water bath method, drying, freezing, and infusing to preserve your harvest. The rest of the book is stuffed with yummy recipes like spicy carrots, appled brandy, charred chili barbecue sauce, figs in honey syrup, homemade raisins, and rhubarb chutney with cloves. The recipes alone will brighten up your pantry and get you through the dreary winter.


Out of 16 square feet of my garden, I harvested and canned 5 quart jars worth of Parisene and Danvers Half-Long carrots and 6 quart jars of Contender and Yellow bush beans. That’s not all we’ve harvested though. I’m working on a count for you. Otherwise, I think we have a good start to a food pantry… now if we only had a pantry.


4 thoughts on “Put ’em Up!

  1. Oh we need to order that book. My grandparents have always canned and so have my parents. I’ve helped a few times but unfortunately when I was a teenager I did not pay attention, just did what I was told. Now I wished I’d listened and learned lol. My family lives 6 hours away and it seems like our visits never fall around canning time, so we could use a book that explains every little detail. What else are you planning on canning this season?

  2. It’s a super good book! It goes through all the steps of canning, drying, or freezing and has the best sounding recipes. It’s a win win.

    I was going to use the recipe for beet relish and can all my beets, but I literally ran out of jars. So once I buy more jars the rest of my beets should be ready and I can test it out. Once the apples come in around September, I’ll make apple chutney and apple brandy. I also have to can: tomatoes, more carrots, and figs.

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