I Heart Rabbit People

Selling rabbits isn’t about the money for me. It’s about the people. I have met some truly wonderful people because of these rabbits. People that I actually think I would hangout with sipping on iced tea and talkin’ furry critters.

This is me and Melissa, of newly formed “Cold Hands Farm”, who came to visit me and pickup her new rabbits on Friday.


We are total rabbit buddies now ya know! She even made me the cutest embroidered tea towel… with a rabbit on it of course. Why even ask at this point. I think I may make a half apron out of it since dish towels don’t last long around here. Or maybe I’ll just start a rabbit paraphernalia collection. I can be one of those people.


Anyway… How sweet was that?! Thanks again Melissa! I wish we could have spent more time talking, but you had such a long drive home. I get it. If you haven’t already, check out Melissa’s blog here.

I’ve had other great people come visit to pick out rabbits as well and it makes me feel lucky to know that all these rabbits are going to loving homes. Most are even being cared for by young girls! You go girls! Responsibility at a young age is key to a well rounded woman later in life; I think so anyways.

So really this post is just to thank all you sweet people who have come to see me and my silly Rabbitry. I deeply appreciate your (quite unexpected and wonderful) gifts and kind, generous words. I just want you all to know that I’m always here to answer your questions and offer help where I can. I am still fairly new to this all myself so I know the true value of a “rabbit buddy”.

3 thoughts on “I Heart Rabbit People

  1. I wish I could have stayed longer too! Maybe someday we’ll have to have a rabbit lady getaway and leave the rabbits to the men for a few days. Meet at one of the fiber festivals and just hang out! I just can’t wait to meet more lovely rabbit people myself!

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