Cob Oven Cookin’

Two days in a row, my neighbor and I fired up the cob oven for some down to earth baking! I wasn’t quite sure how bread would turn out since I had only used the cob oven once before, but everything came out pretty darn well.



Yesterday we baked four loaves of bread and four dozen cookies in less than an hour. She baked two loaves of yummy rye bread and I baked two loaves of my Dutch oven bread. My loaves were less than spectacular since I didn’t allow for proper rising time, but they still tasted good. Just a little flat. Maybe next time I’ll try to fit my Dutch oven into the cob oven! Now that would be a trick! The cob oven took 30-minutes to bake the bread just like an electric/gas oven, but we were able to bake all four loaves at once (because I was super smart and built the cob oven with a 30″ inch diameter). I am one smart cookie.


Speaking of cookies… While our bread was baking, my neighbor turns and asks me, “Do you think it will bake cookies?” I shrugged with a “I guess so… why not?!” and off she went to grab some sugar cookie dough from her freezer. We baked our four dozen cookies in about 20-minutes.

Two 8×10″ inch cookie sheets fit perfectly into the cob oven. I could have fit my large cookie sheet in if it weren’t for the 12″ inch door opening. The best part of using the cob oven was the unique taste it imparted onto the cookies. Think wood fired pizza. Delish!



Today I baked two simple pizzas (12″ inches each) with mushroom-based red sauce, Monterey Jack cheese, red onions, tomatoes, and garlic. My dad brought over drinks and we all ate wood fired pizza while we waited for our eight loaves of bread to bake. This was a shining example of how I imagined this little cob oven fitting into our lives. Baking a lunch to enjoy while waiting for this week’s bread to finish baking in the oven. The smells coming out of that pile mud were amazing.


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