How to Use a Rabbit Tattoo Clamp

Here we show you how to quickly and effectively use a tattoo clamp to tattoo your rabbit’s ear with a breeder ID number. This rabbit is 8-weeks old and we are using a Stone brand 5/16″ tattoo clamp with an ear release. Always tattoo the breeder number in the left ear. The right ear is reserved for the rabbit’s registration number.

This rabbit does scream in the video so be prepared. He was not hurt, he was just startled. One screamer out of thirteen rabbits tattooed isn’t too bad! But of course it had to be the one we were filming as an example that screamed. Oh well. The little guy was just fine once he realized it was over in no more than a second. This is the very reason I will never use rabbit tattoo pens! Imagine five minutes of that while you try to neatly write the number on the inside of his ear. I think not. Clamps win.

2 thoughts on “How to Use a Rabbit Tattoo Clamp

  1. Oh, poor Sarah! What a shocker that must have been, if he was your first screamer! What a terrible noise to hear if you’re not expecting it – but you both handled it well. I might have dropped the clamp or jumped and sent it flying. If it were my husband holding the rabbit, he would have let go with a long string of expletives and I wouldn’t have been able to post the video. So good job! It is hard to hear, they really do scream don’t they? I don’t think I’ve ever heard one before. So that’s good. Now I know so I won’t be terrified if my own ever make that noise!

    • Ha! It definitely surprised me! But I knew he wasn’t really hurt and everything was okay. I think he knew it was coming because I had to reposition the clamp a few times. I’m sure he felt the pin tips before we even started.

      We debated even posting it because the rabbit screamed. But then we thought, ‘You know what? There’s always going to be one that screams in a bunch so why not prepare them for it.’

      Real farm life isn’t edited for only the perfectly staged moments, so I try my best not to edit the goin’-ons around here.

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