New Honey Super

We got a few new toys today thanks to a purchase from Miller Bee Supply earlier this month. In our box there was a new “medium super”, ten medium plastic comb frames coated with natural beeswax, and a frame grip. The medium super is a 6 3/4″ inch deep box that holds the ten frames that the bees build honey stores onto. This medium super will be placed on top of our current “shallow super” and our queen excluder. Queen excluders are just a simple slatted panel that keeps the queen from entering the honey supers to lay eggs. No one wants larvae in their honey.



The medium super itself is just a box that holds the frames. We ordered ours unassembled mainly because it’s cheaper to ship. They really aren’t difficult to put together. Miller Bee Supply is thoughtful enough to pre-drill all the interlocking finger joint corners so all you need to do is nail it together. Easy peasy!

Trevor assembled the super and I painted it with “Cafe Latte” color exterior paint. Once it is dry we can add it to Beehive #1. We will be ready for a big honey harvest come late August. Get busy bees!



3 thoughts on “New Honey Super

  1. I love this post! One thing I have really been toying with is bee keeping, technically not NOT allowed by our HOA because I don’t know if you could really call them “livestock” per say….but I am pretty positive that none of my neighbors (who can all see into my backyard due to their two-storiedness) would approve of a hive in their midst. I’d love to see what an active hive looks like on a daily basis. What can one expect with a hive in terms of the volume of bees in the immediate area at a given time, would a neighbor looking out the window be frightened of an apparent “swarm” right off his patio, that type of thing? Very interesting stuff!

  2. We were actually going to make a video on what being a “beekeeper” entails. The startup, setup, daily/weekly/monthly upkeep, and general information. You know.. Just a little Q & A on what to expect as a new beekeeper. Although, we may not have it finished until after your Rabbitry visit on Friday. I’ll give ya the tour anyhow!

  3. Yipee! I would love to see a video like that. You read about these things in books, but there are just some things that you have to see or hear to know about. I’ve never been able to get a really good idea about what it would be like to really have a hive from reading a book about it.

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