Giveaway Winner is….


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Congratulations! I feel like I should have named you by name, but then I realized I don’t know it. It’s funny how you can correspond with someone online and still have no idea who they are. Anyhow, congrats and please email me ( with which two prints you truly want and a mailing address. I’ll get those photo prints out ASAP.

Also, thank you to the rest of you who entered! It may seem cheesey, but I really do appreciate all the kind words and happy anniversary wishes. Here’s to another year of DIY projects, successes, failures, new friends, births, deaths, and everything in between!

One thought on “Giveaway Winner is….

  1. Thank you so very much, this is a great surprise to log on and see! : D My name, by the way, is Christina. I think I need to update my blog so people get to know me a bit more. I’ll send you an email tomorrow as we have to get up early so it’s off to bed now. I think I know which two I like best but I’ll look again. So excited!

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