Happy Solstice!

Happy first day of summer!

Cami and I are spending the week teaching at a summer arts camp for kids 7-12. Don’t let the “kids” part fool you! Within five days there are classes on: printmaking, felting, puppets (my class is making marionettes), drums, improv theatre, scripted theatre, music, dance, clay, drawing, and painting.

Whew! It’s a lot to handle because everyday is something different. At the end of the week the kids do a performance (this year improv theatre, but it’s different every year) and we hold an art show and sarsaparilla/hot dog picnic.

During the rest of the week I am Assistant Director for the camp of over 75 kids, but today I am teaching my class. I only have 50 minutes with each group to give history, assemble, and paint marionettes so it should be interesting…. I’ll let you know how it goes and show you some pictures of what the kids come up with. I am a big fan of creative freedom in art classes. Especially with children. They always come up with things we adults would have never thought of.

So sorry if our posts are a little sparse this week. We have been spending our mornings away from “the farm”. I do have some recipes coming up, a video tour of the whole farm, and a garden update so no worries.

Thistle being a lazy oaf… as usual

4 thoughts on “Happy Solstice!

    • My marionette-making classes went super well! Everyone finished in time too which is what I always aim for. So just two more days of camp and an art show to get through.

      Then! Today I got hired as a two-woman crew to put together the art show for the county fair next month! Whoo hoo! I’m saving up money (from rabbits/art camp/fair art show) to buy a “farm truck”. It’s starting to sound possible now.

      We only have one vehicle and it’s a small sedan so we are really needing a truck of some sort for buying hay and 150 pounds of feed every month!

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