Angora Rabbit Grooming

This video is for everyone who recently bought a French Angora rabbit from us (or who plan to). It’s a quick check list and demonstration on how to do regular maintenance grooming for your rabbit. Grooming should be done at least once a week or more often for fussy coats. Remember, these coats will get anywhere from 3-7″ inches long before the rabbits sheds, so when combing it out be sure there are no mats at the skin.

Good luck!

2 thoughts on “Angora Rabbit Grooming

  1. How great! Thanks for making this video, I can’t wait to try and groom the new buns when we bring them home! This may sound like a silly question, but do they have the long angora on their bellies too or is it the shorter hair? And I read somewhere (although it was not mentioned at all in the Bob Bennet book) about the vents? On either side of the genitalia and having to clean that out, is that something to worry about with Angoras? The article I read did not mention what breeds it was talking about, but I have not read anything else about these “vents”.

  2. They do have long fur and wool on their bellies, but it barely gets any longer than an inch on the adults. Yes, there are glands on the sides of their genitals (which I’m assuming is what you’re referring to) which accumulate stinky “crust” and should be cleaned. Just a wet q-tip will do it. It’s nothing to worry about or even clean at every grooming. I simply clean the glands when they look dirty although, rabbits will usually clean them themselves. No biggie.

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