Global Garden Friends

The kind people of Global Garden Friends just sent me some fun garden products to play with. And oh boy, did I play.


First out of the box was the “Ultimate Plant Cage”. I was super happy to see this because everyone else has been getting their tomato plants caged up in anticipation of a sweet red harvest and I’ve been sitting around cageless, hoping my tomatoes will climb or support themselves on the fence.

I put my new Ultimate Plant cage around one of my volunteer tomato plants that isn’t close enough to the fence to trellis. And then I wished I had about three more. The great part is that the cage base is in three parts. So if you’re starting out with a plant a little too wide to fit the cage over, you can snap the three pieces together around the base of your plant. Good thinkin’ guys!


The plant cage also came with adjustable, attachable, collapsing plant stakes (that extend to twice their height) and snap on trellis clips! I used the trellis clips with some plain ol’ jute so that when this tomato gets a little bigger, it will have something to hold onto. I also used the extra pack of Ultimate Plant Stakes to support some random plants throughout the garden.




The second product I tried out was the 20 pack of Ultimate Plant Clips. When I was showing off my new toys serious garden tools, the plant clips got the most wows. It actually is a really smart design. You know me, I’m not afraid to tell you when something just plain sucks. But these clips are not only cute, they are like a barrel of monkeys and can be used for almost anything.



I clipped my eggplant, my fig tree…

my daughter, my tomato…

my potato, and my blueberries.

See what I mean by “barrel of monkeys”? I linked them together and clipped the chain of plant clips to the fence in order to keep my precious blueberries away from the chicken wire where hungry birds can reach through.


I loved my little care package and I also loved that all their products are made in the USA! Here in California even! Double wow. Not many companies can say that anymore. Thank you to Global Garden Friends for the great garden tools! Be sure to check out their website to get your own Ultimate Plant Cage and Ultimate Plant Clips and “like” them on Facebook.

Frühlingskabine Micro-Farm received free products to write this post. All opinions of these products are our own and we were not influenced or paid to give a positive review.

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