My To-Do List

In no particular order:

* Buy a 10×10′ foot greenhouse for extra fall planting (it would almost cost me more to build one).
* Get Cami signed up for violin lessons at the end of the year (she’ll be three and we need us some good ol’ fiddlin’ music around here).
* Buy more canning jars ASAP!
* Buy a medium super for hive #1 and a honey extractor from Miller Bee Supply (we ordered from them originally and were very happy).
* Get a permit for and cut two-cords of wood this summer in time to dry for wintertime use.
* Sell last six baby rabbits… or gain the courage to send them to freezer camp (please don’t hassle me on this one; it’s not an easy decision to make).
* Propagate French lavender and rosemary plants.
* Buy resin stuff to make real bee necklaces for our Etsy shop.
* Buy tickets to the July 7th Tuolumne County Farm Tour. Gotta see me some cattle and horse ranches and the pygora (Pygmy + angora) goat farm.
* Check out and be jealous of 4-H projects at July 12-15th Mother Lode Fair here in Sonora.
* Sew myself some comfy jersey knit summer dresses before summer is over.
* Build door and peel for cob oven… hopefully before we fire it up for real this weekend.
* Train a dependable family member to care for the animals for a day or two so we can go camping.
* Turn super-retro cat eye shape glasses into super-dorky sunglasses.
* Sport super-dorky/retro sunglasses around town.
* Save money from art teaching gig next week to buy “farm truck”.
* Buy “farm truck” that runs, is capable of hauling a bale of hay, that I can fit a car seat into, and is relatively attractive for under $1500.

6 thoughts on “My To-Do List

  1. Totally understandable. I didn’t mean for that point on the list to be a cry for help or a sales trick or anything like that. The family agreement has always been whoever isn’t rehomed will have to serve another purpose. We plan to breed our does once a year which is often enough to keep them in healthy breeding condition, but hopefully not often enough to overload us with rabbits. We don’t have the room to house 10+ rabbits and quite honestly, rabbit is a very lean, clean, responsibly raised meat. I don’t like to talk about it much because I know it is a very sensitive and controversial subject. Oops! Thanks for the bunny love though!

    • Nope I didn’t get that at all from your post. : ) I don’t eat rabbit meat just because I…well, I can’t. I view them as pets. But my dad is a hunter who has always tried to get at least one deer a year, and has always hunted squirrel, rabbit, turkey, etc, and there were several times growing up that we had rabbits that were raised for meat. He used to raise rabbits strictly for meat before I was born too. So nothing against people who eat them, I just personally can’t.

      I had never even heard about French Angoras until I got my bunnies, and I was researching the breed momma rabbit is (New Jersey Wooly), when I found out that they were bred with crossing French Angoras with the Netherland Dwarf. Upon researching the angoras I fell in love. One day I would love to have some. I’d like to learn how to spin their wool too, or at least sell it. It was near impossible to find bunnies around here at all no matter what breed, so I know it will take me awhile to find French Angoras anywhere around me.

      Is it true that does who are not bred can and will develop cancer? I had read that online, that if a doe is not bred she should be spayed.

      You’ll have to make a post when you make the bee necklaces. I’m excited to see them.

      We need a dependable family member to watch our critters for us too. My in-laws normally feed the cats, chinchillas, and bunnies for us but we have no one to watch the dogs. So no vacations for us until then. I hope you can find someone soon. Camping is great. : )

      • I’m glad it didn’t come off like I was desperate to get rid of them. While I do have my “breeders” as pets (Dandelion, Thistle, Clementine, and now Blackberry) the unnamed rabbits need to serve a purpose somehow. I’m not even sure if I can do it, but I’ve promised myself I would give it a try. If we want to become more honest meat-eaters there needs to be a closer connection to the meat. For us anyways.

        I’ve heard the cancer thing too, both ways, but I’m not sure if it’s true. I do know however that if a doe is not regularly bred, se can develop fat around her ovaries and not be able to have anymore litters. So my breeding schedule is just enough to keep them in a healthy condition. Most breeders do two breedings a year, but I am a pretty small Rabbitry.

        I’m so excited about the necklaces! I actually even have the first queen from hive #1. We have been collecting the bees that died of natural causes for a couple months now so hopefully I can get started this week sometime.

  2. Cool idea for the bees! What a smart way to utilize everything from the farm! And I have a giant list too! I have the cages and supplies for the bunnies, but I still have to build the cage rack. Then I have a billion other projects too! I actually print out a list and stick it on the fridge so I can keep focused on it!

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