Lessons Learned


We have learned a great many things here on our make-shift farm in our first year. There have been lessons learned, dreams fulfilled, hardships had, and happiness given. In this past year we have gone from city-slickers who didn’t know what a truly farm-fresh egg tasted like to a family of three that enjoys Saturday mornings spent mucking out the chicken coop.

I sincerely feel like we have not only grown as a family, but advanced as human beings. To the untrained eye, our lot simply has a chicken coop, a shed, and a small garden. But we see, and you as well we hope, a quarter-acre lot that holds our very first experience with a hive of honeybees. We reared a queen ourselves and eradicated evil varroa mites without chemicals. Our first love for wooly rabbits started here. Through these rabbits we have experienced life, death, birth, and gratitude. Chickens were our first endeavor and we see them now as longtime farm mates. Their antics are on-par with circus clowns especially when Cami is involved. And our daughter’s first experiences gardening have happened here. She can give the garden tour naming beets, cabbage, beans, tomatoes, Swiss chard, and pumpkins.

What excites us the most is what is to come. None of us are quite sure what the future holds for us (who does?), but I’m sure it will be just as wonderful, heartbreaking, inspiring, exhausting, and fruitful as this last year has been. Wish us luck and keep reading.

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