Homesteading Education Month?


Mother Earth News and their sister publication Grit have declared September to be “International Homesteading Education Month“. These two magazines would like to encourage anyone who has homesteading skills or experiences to share them with others through workshops or hands-on classes.

Obviously, many of you live nowhere near Frühlingskabine Micro-Farm. Some of you may even live here in California, but are still a full days drive from us. We get it. It would also be quite difficult for us to host any workshops for more than maybe five people at a time due to parking and a serious lack of space. Which is all very disappointing because this website was started for the very purpose of sharing what we have learned with others.

So how about we all brainstorm some ideas for what you would like to see or learn and we can make some detailed videos for you! You may not be able to visit us, but we sure can bring the farm to you. We will even have a real camera operator for these how-to videos so nothin’ too hokey here folks!

Do you want a closer look at a hive inspection or what really goes into keeping bees?
Have you been looking for someone to show you how to wash up a messy chicken?
Would you like to see a detailed account of the daily care of angora rabbits?
Do you need a better idea of how to thin and transplant seedlings?
Maybe you need a video tutorial on how to make our “Magical Bread” step-by-step?

Give us some ideas and we will work up an entire batch of videos for September’s Homesteading Education Month.

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