The Darker Side of Farming

Sometimes people forget about the darker side of farming and animal husbandry. Not on purpose, but maybe subconsciously. Not everything can be baby chicks and bunny tails. Death is just a fact of life. Farm or not. We’ve all experienced it in one way or another and our tiny make-shift farm is no exception.

Yesterday morning I found the little blue tortoiseshell in Dandelion’s four-week old litter dead by the door of the cage. I tried my best to revive it, but it was too far gone. Without going into gory details, it seemed to me that the kit had died from being weaned by Dandelion. I don’t remove the kits from their dam (mother rabbit) until they are six-weeks old and they show that they are able to properly eat pellets, hay, drink from the water bottle, and are no longer nursing. Dandelion has been weaning her litter herself for the past few days.

The blue tortoiseshell kit just wasn’t healthy enough or strong enough to go through the weaning process. It happens. I don’t take death lightly around here, even an animal’s death, but I have to remind myself that this is the very reason rabbits have so many babies. Just incase one or two or three don’t make it.

All you can do is care for them the best you can.

2 thoughts on “The Darker Side of Farming

  1. So sorry that happened. Yes, it’s a fact of life – and something we confront as farmers far more often raising animals. We’ve lost our share of chicks, goatlings, etc. No fun at all…

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