Thank You Kay!

The whole of last week was filled with people coming to pick up their new Angora rabbits from Clementine’s litter. Everyone was very kind and I am confident that all of my rabbits have gone to good, caring homes. I was a little worried that Cami would be upset by seeing “other” people leaving with the rabbits because we had raised and handled them from birth. Nine weeks is plenty long for a small child, or anyone, to get attached to a cute and fuzzy animal. But, she didn’t seem to mind at all. Phew! I think I dodged a bullet on that one.


On a side note, I’d like to thank Kay and her family for the delicious cherries and kumquats! I made a cherry-version of upside-down cake and (hopefully) today I will make a kumquat version of lemon curd. I would have made the curd yesterday, but I realized I was completely out of sugar. I’ll be sure to share my kumquat curd recipe and results with you all later.

2 thoughts on “Thank You Kay!

  1. my daughter would have been very upset, good for your little one. Good luck with the kumquat curd 🙂

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