Evil Ground Moles


We have a mole. Or a mole family. Either way, it’s on the way out! I was going to post a picture from a google search… But it turns out they are really really creepy looking. Moles are a little reminiscent of the Predator from that movie. If you’re daring and have never seen a mole before, look it up. It’s disturbing.

Anyway– we have had one of those gopher/mole sticks in the ground since we planted, but it doesn’t seem to bother this mole too much. He’s still digging under our beets, carrots, cabbage, tomatoes, and Brussels sprouts. That is pretty much half the garden.

This morning Trevor picked up this all natural mole repellant at the hardware store. The active ingredient is castor oil. Castor oil combined with sawdust in a pelleted form is supposed to be sprinkled in the mole’s holes starting in the center, working outwards, over a five day period.

Today is day one. Bye bye mole!

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