Last Video of Clementine’s Litter

Here is the last video you will see of most of Clementine’s litter of nine. The new owners of more than half of these rabbits will be picking them up through the next week. In this video Clementine’s litter is 8-weeks old and Dandelion’s litter of six is 3-weeks old. You get a glimpse of the new colors in Dandelion’s litter as well as an introduction to Blackberry the rabbit.

2 thoughts on “Last Video of Clementine’s Litter

  1. Oh how exciting! My girls are watching this video over and over, they are so excited to get our rabbits! And it looks like we’ve decided on Gnomeo and Juliet for our bunnies! I tried all kinds of combos – from Hansel and Gretal to Sugar and Spice to Jack and Jill. But Maddie, my 6 year old, wouldn’t hear anything but Gnomeo and Juliet. 😉

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