Who Googles This?

I have all sorts of fun video, picture, and garden updates for you tomorrow, but in the meantime I thought I would share a few of these weird “keyword searches” from this month with you. For anyone who hasn’t run into these, a keyword search is basically any word that a person types in an internet search field that inevitably leads them to our website.

Some are pretty normal and I’m glad these people find our tutorials…. and some are a little odd. Odd to the point that I wonder what they were really looking for. Here’s a little post-holiday entertainment.

sexing a rabbit
are rabbits born with fur
diy rabbit
homesteading books
pullet chicken
parisienne carrots
sweaty rain boots
rabbit colors
magical rabbits
what are unicorns
dog house coop
egg art farm
how to build stackable rabbit cages build on pvc pipes
little country girl
diy stackable rabbit cages
colored sugar cookie ideas
baby girls micro rabbits never grow from italy
hairless babies
planting potatoes
what to feed a runt baby rabbit if it won’t latch onto the mom
diy cages for rabbit for micro firm
frame hive feeder
naked_neck images
what do drone cells look like
needle felted hare
fawn tortie colored bunnies
fruhlingskabine rabbitry
queen on de block
black mottled rooster
drone cells beekeeping
cob oven plans
pvc pipe rabbit cage
planting potato tower
tattooing rabbits ears
chicken wire potato tower results
build a pvc pipe cage.
mutated dandelion

3 thoughts on “Who Googles This?

  1. Haha! It makes me think how maybe some of my searches could be rather funny in that context. Isn’t it interesting trying to explain to a computer search engine what you’re looking for? I’m going to talk with a librarian!

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