Name That Rabbit!

We have decided to keep this Black Tortoiseshell rabbit. It is only two and a half weeks old so we don’t know the gender quite yet and have decided on picking a unisex name. Of course, we’re a little stuck on two in particular, but if you can come up with something better let us know. Also feel free to vote for other members of your family or for friends. You know you want to pass along pictures of baby bunnies!

This rabbit is a dark charcoal color on its sides, ears, feet, belly, and face with the dark brown tortoiseshell color on its back.

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9 thoughts on “Name That Rabbit!

  1. That’s a tough one…I like Blackberry! Pepsi is cute, but I kind of like all the botanical names you have going. 😉

  2. I vote for Blackberry too. 🙂 My boys are named after Watership Down characters and Blackberry is also one of the bunnies in the book. Plus I think it goes along with Dandelion, Clementine, and Thistle a bit better.

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