Etsy Shop Launch!

Even though just about everyone has an Etsy shop now, I’m still super excited about opening my own. I feel so cool now. Like I’m with the “in” crowd. Or like how my grandma must feel when she talks about Wikipedia or Facebook. Yep… I’m cool.

If you have no idea what Etsy is or what I’m blabbering about, it’s okay. I just hopped on the bandwagon myself. Etsy is an online marketplace solely for handmade and vintage items. Nothing mass-produced.

Right now we just have some photo prints in the “Little Farm Shop”. Soon I’ll be adding fun things like bee necklaces, aprons, chicken keeper and beekeeper dolls, paintings, extra angora wool (if there is such a thing), and just about anything else made and inspired by the Frühlingskabine and its inhabitants. This way if you just can’t live without one of the photos you see here on our website, you can buy it for yourself (or dare i say.. a friend) and support our dream at the same time.

Really we just want to share a little piece of our life with you.

Little Farm Shop on


4 thoughts on “Etsy Shop Launch!

  1. That’s how I felt too. I kept thinking, ‘Well… I’ll wait until I can sew up some really cool things, then I’ll start.’ But then that never happened so I figured I would use what I have until I have time to sew all those fun items. I probably could have put it off forever at the pace I was moving. Lol!

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