Clementine’s Toddlers :: video

With Clementine’s litter almost eight-weeks old and of sale age, this may be the last video of most of these baby rabbits before they go to their new homes. A bittersweet moment really. We have really enjoyed raising this litter and learning the ins and outs of baby rabbit care.

I didn’t realize how big they had gotten until I put Dandelion’s (almost) two-week olds in her cage permanately and compared them to these big babies of Clementine’s litter. I even had to groom them all today! It’s fun to groom baby fluff. Sadly, I won’t be able to see their “senior coats” which they will grow out after their “junior coat” plucking at five to six months old.

I will be keeping the black tortoiseshell from Dandelion’s litter (sneak peek in the video) so I’ll be able to watch the whole process through with one rabbit. I can’t wait to see how that black wool looks! Luckily rabbits grow fast.

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